Weight Room Information

Weight Room Equipment

3 Matrix Olympic Flat Bench Press

2 Matrix Olympic Incline Bench Press

1 Matrix Olympic Decline Bench Press

1 Matrix Power Rack

1 Matrix Open Squat Rack

1 Hammer Strength Elite Power Rack

2 Hammer Strength Adjustable Benches

Intek Barbells 20 lbs – 110 lbs (pre-loaded)

Intek Dumbbells 5lbs – 100lbs

Intek Weight Plates 2.5 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, & 45 lbs

FreeMotion Squat Machine

FreeMotion Chest & Shoulder Machine

FreeMotion Bicep & Abs Machine

FreeMotion Lat & Row Machine

Hoist Chin-Dip Assist Machine

Hoist Lat Pulldown & Mid Row Machine

Hoist Pec Fly & Rear Delt Machine

Hoist Leg Press & Calf Raise Machine

Hoist Inner & Outer Thigh Machine

Hoist ROC-IT Ab Machine

LifeFitness SYNRGY 360 XM to XS w/ Cable Boom

LifeFitness Kettlebells 10 lbs – 45 lbs

LifeFitness Resistance Tubing (light – extra heavy)

Multi-Grip T-Bar Row Holder

1 ROGUE Olympic Rings

SPRI Covered Battle Rope – 35 lbs

SPRI QUBE Covered Plyo Boxes

SPRI Balance Pads

6 TRX Suspension Trainers

1 TRX DUO Trainer

Appropriate Attire

Patrons MUST wear Athletic shorts or pants

Inappropriate: Jeans, clothing with zippers or rivets.

Patrons MUST wear Rubber soled shoes

Inappropriate: Sandals or sport sandals, flip flops, deck shoes, dress shoes, boots

Policies & Guidelines

  1. No person(s) under the age of 14.
  2. No dropping or banging of the weights.
  3. No grunting, screaming, or distracting others.
  4. No reckless behavior or unsafe exercises.
  5. No lifts where feet leave complete contact with the floor.
  6. No loose chalk or open drinks. Please use a sealed container.
  7. No equipment may be modified or used improperly.
  8. No equipment may be removed from the weight room.
  9. No private personal training allowed.
  10. No chewing gum or jumping rope on carpeted floor.
  11. Please re-rack weights & clean equipment after use.

Personal strength training accessories not provided by the REC must be approved by the Fitness-Wellness Director prior to usage in the Weight Room.

Failure to follow guidelines may result in immediate removal from REC.

Become a Weight Room Instructor

Looking for a job in the weight room?

We typically hire once per semester for the upcoming semester. Learn more about student employment at the REC.