All About Intramurals

The mission of the Truman State University Intramural Sports (IMs) Program is to foster student development in important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and competitiveness. Participating students will demonstrate living a balanced life-style and establishing time management and stress management skills, while developing habits that have a positive impact on their health. Participation promotes individual development by providing co-curricular recreational activities for students, faculty, and staff which enhances their liberal education experience.

Sports and Activities

Intramurals hosts a variety of Intramurals each semester. Some campus favorites include flag football, outdoor and indoor soccer, outdoor and indoor basketball, pickleball, and many more. Current semester offerings of sports, as well as their associated rulebooks can be found on IMLeagues.

Intramural Top Dog Program

The Intramural Top Dog Program recognizes the top dogs of the Intramural program each academic year. Individual Top Dogs include recognition of the most active participant and the participant with the most wins across the academic year. Team Top Dogs include recognition of the team with the most wins across the academic year in each league (Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec).

History of Intramurals

Intramurals is one of the oldest co-curricular activities on campus, tracing its roots to the legendary Don Faurot in the 1920s. Learn more about our history here!

Intramural Handbook

The Intramural Handbook is your go to place when searching for policies and procedures related to Intramurals.