Designated Guest Policy


Access to the Student Recreation Center by a Faculty/Staff Designated Guest is permitted during all open hours.

Access on any weekend day is allowed during any open hours.

There are periods during the year (interims, spring break, and holidays) when facility open hours are restricted or not available.


  • Designated Guest must be:  a spouse/significant other, adult child, or adult member of the same household of a current full time Faculty/Staff member (only one Designated Guest at any time)
  • Designated Guest must be at least 21 years old
  • Designated Guest may only be changed once per year (Sept 1 – Aug 31)


To obtain a Designated Guest ID card, please contact Human Resources, McClain Hall 102, (660) 785-4031

Privileges for Designated Guests

Designated Guest has access to all open areas of the Student Recreation Center.

Designated Guest is eligible to check out recreational equipment, towels, or locks to use in the locker room.

Designated Guests are not eligible to purchase guest passes.


Designated Guests are not eligible to participate in Intramurals.

Designated Guests are not eligible to purchase Personal Training.

Designated Guests are not eligible to purchase semester/annual locker rentals.

Dress Code

Workout shoes must be carried into the Student Recreation Center with the clean, dry soles shown for inspection. Other footwear must be worn to enter the facility.

Punch Card Options

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